Authentische thailändische Küche in Mannheim
zu fairen Preisen

Main Dishes - Stri Fry

All stir fry dishes are served with rice. Please let us know, how spicy you would like your dish.

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Phad Khing
with spring onions, mushrooms, vegetables, ginger
59with chicken 12.90
60with pork 12.90
61with beef 14.90
62with prawns 16.90
63with fish in batter 15.90
Phad Gratiam Prik Thai
with spring onions and green beans in garlic-pepper sauce
64with chicken 12.90
65with pork 12.90
66with beef 14.90
67with prawns 16.90
69with squid 15.90
68with fish in batter 15.90
Phad Med Mamuang
with baby corrn, vegetables and cashew nuts in oyster sauce
70vegetarian (optionally with mushroom sauce) 10.90
71with chicken 12.90
72with pork 12.90
73with beef 14.90
74with crispy duck 15.90
75with prawns 16.90
76with fish in batter 15.90
Phad Priew Wan
with cucumber, pineapple, bell peppers, onions in sweet and sour sauce
77vegetarian 10.90
78with chicken 12.90
79with pork 12.90
80with beef 14.90
81with crispy duck 15.90
82with prawns 16.90
83with fish in batter 15.90
Phad Grapau
spicy, with vegetables, chili and basil
84with chicken 12.90
85with pork 12.90
86with beef 14.90
88with prawns 16.90
89with fish in batter 15.90
90with squid 15.90
87with crispy duck 15.90
Ob Sapparot
with pineapple, spring onions, mushrooms
91with chicken 14.90
92with pork 14.90
93with beef 14.50
94with crispy duck 16.90
95with prawns 17.90
96with fish in batter 16.90
Phad Prik
spicy, with Peperoni, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, with oyster sauce
97with chicken 12.90
98with pork 12.90
99with beef 14.90
100with crispy duck 15.90
101with prawns 16.90
103with squid 15.90
102with fish in batter 15.90
Phad Phak Luam Mid
mixed vegetables, tofu with oyster sauce
104vegetarian (optionally with mushroom sauce) 11.90