Authentische thailändische Küche in Mannheim
zu fairen Preisen

Main Dishes - Noodles And Rice


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Yam Glass Noodle Salad (large portion)
spicy, with chili, onions, tomatos, cilantro, Thai Dressing
110with chicken 12.90
111with beef 14.90
112with prawns 16.90
113with squid 15.90
114with prawns and squid 16.90
Laab Nam Tok- Thail Salad (large portion)
spicy, with mince meat, spring onions, cilantro, chili and kaffir lime
115with chicken 12.90
116with pork 12.90
117with beef 14.90
118with prawns 16.90
119with prawns and squid 16.90
Phad Thai - Das Thailändische Nationalgericht
fried noodles with egg, sprouts, spring onions, peanuts and tamarind sauce
120vegetarian 12.90
121with chicken 14.90
122with pork 14.90
123with prawns 17.90
124with prawns and squid 16.90
Phad Seejuw
fried noodles with egg, broccoli, vegetables and oyster sauce
126with chicken 14.90
127with pork 14.90
128with prawns and squid 16.90
125vegetarian (optionally with mushroom sauce) 12.90
Phad Wun Sen
fried glass noodles with egg, spring onions, broccoli, vegetables, mushrooms and oyster sauce
129vegetarian (optionally with mushroom sauce) 12.90
132with prawns and squid 16.90
131with pork 14.90
130with chicken 14.90
Noodle Soup Sukiyaki
medium spicy, with glass noodles, egg, vegetables and sukiyaki-sauce
136with chicken 14.90
137with pork 14.90
138with prawns and squid 16.90
Khao Phad - Fried rice
with egg, carrots, onions, mushrooms, peas, broccoli
139vegetarian 10.90
140with chicken 12.90
141with pork 12.90
142with prawns 16.90