Authentische thailändische Küche in Mannheim
zu fairen Preisen



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Home Made Spring Rolls
deep fried, with sweet chili sauce
2with chicken 5.30
1vegetarian 5.10
Home Made Thai Meat Balls
deep fried, with plum sauce
4with prawns and chicken 6.80
Tom Yum Soup
sour and spicy, with vegetables, lemon grass, galangan, lime, mushrooms
6with chicken 6.30
7with prawns 6.70
Tom Kha Soup
mild, with coconut milk, vegetables, lemon grass, galangan, lime, mushrooms
8with chicken 6.30
9with prawns 6.70
Yam Glass Noodle Salad
spicy, with chili, onions, tomatos, cilantro, Thai dressing
10with chicken 6.30
11with beef 6.70
12with prawns 7.70
13with squid 6.70
14with prawns and squid 7.70
Laab Nam Tok - Thai Salad
spicy, with mince meat, spring onions, cilantro, chili and kaffir lime
15with chicken 6.70
16with pork 6.70
17with beef 7.30
Satay Skewers
with peanut sauce
18with chicken 6.30
Extra Sauce
3Sweet chili sauce, plum sauce or peanut sauce 0.40
Extra Fried Rice
5Jasmin-rice with vegetables 5.70
Tung Tong
Deep fried dumplings with peas, corn, potatoes, carrots with sweet chilli sauce
19with chicken 6.30