Main Dishes - Thai CurryGlass Noodle Salad

All curry-dishes are served with rice. Please let us know, how spicy you would like your dish.

Gaeng Phed - Red Curry
medium spicy, with bamboo shoots, aubergines, vegetables
20vegetarian 9.90
21with chicken 11.90
22with pork 11.90
23with beef 13.20
24with crispy duck 14.90
25with prawns 15.90
Gaeng Kua - Fruity Red Curry
slightly spicy, with tomatoes, pineapple and grapes
26vegetarian 9.90
27with chicken 11.90
28with pork 11.90
29with beef 13.20
30with crispy duck 14.90
31with prawns 15.90
Gaeng Paneang - Red Curry
medium spicy, with vegetables, kaffir lime
32vegetarian 9.90
33with chicken 11.90
34with pork 11.90
35with beef 13.20
36with crispy duck 14.90
37with prawns 15.90
Gaeng Kiao Wan - Green Curry
spicy, with aubergines, zucchini, vegetables
38vegetarian 9.90
39with chicken 11.90
40with pork 11.90
41with beef 13.20
42with crispy duck 14.90
43with prawns 15.90
Gaeng Massaman - Yellow Curry
slightly spicy, with potatoes, vegetables, onions and peanuts
44vegetarian 9.90
45with chicken 11.90
46with pork 11.90
47with beef 13.20
48with crispy duck 14.90
49with prawns 15.90
Gaeng Shu Shee - Red Curry
medium spicy, with lemon grass, vegetables, kaffir lime
50with prawns 15.90
51with fish in batter 14.90